“Her and I, She and They: Ruby” Series
6 ft x 2 ft Acrylic on Canvas, 2013

With the passing of my grandmother, Ruby Charlotte Watson Marshall, in December of 2012, I was inspired to create a series of work that would reflect her. Each piece making up this series is a personal reflection: the intimate relationship between “her and I,” the friendly, engaging spirit among “she and they,” and the legacy of “Ruby” embody this work. Through the creation of this series, I became one with the expression of color and sound to reflect emotion.

This series is considered to be my first true first-hand experience utilizing art as therapy. Moving through the creative process while simutaneously moving throughout the grieving process allowed me to confront my emotions head on. It provided me with the strength to allow myself to be vulnerable in front of individuals who I otherwise wouldn't. It forced me to articulate my emotions, as well as journey incredibly closer to my grandmother in spirit.