Aliana’s design captured perfectly the tone of the market and integrated a bold new color scheme, while staying true to our more conservative, vintage-style logo. Customers have responded positively to her design as it draws attention with its boldness. Aliana has a keen awareness of how images translate between online and physical mediums and we look forward to using parts of her postcard design on our website as well.
— Megan Moriarty, Owner & Manager of Fenton Street Market
Aliana helped us brand a holiday pop-up shop in Silver Spring. She listened to our vision for the shop and understood exactly what we were going for. She incorporated her work into the design for an abstract take on a holiday show. She turned around the designs very quickly and definitely gave us plenty of options to work with. She is a great designer and we can’t recommend her enough!
— Amina Ahmad, Vendor Relations, Marketing at Fenton Street Market
Aliana is a great listener, team player and someone you can count on to work until the job is finished. As an artist, she is always growing and not afraid to try new things. She has her own voice and we think that voice is exciting.
— Jose Dominguez, Executive Director of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
Aliana’s creative contributions provided a colorful visual measure to the safety program in developing safety awareness to the hazard assessment program, for both training support and hazard recognition in the exhibit production studio spaces throughout the shops. Her actions spoke louder than words each day under my supervision, as assignments and projects were rendered. In such a short time frame, she displayed a level of professionalism and focus, that had set the bar for many to follow. I know her commitment to creative expression and the quest of making a “better difference” in the things she sees, touches and hears, her visual response will bring forth the balance of successful measure for the public eye to embrace.
— Timothy Smith, Safety Coordinator of National Museum of American Indian
The beauty of Aliana’s artwork lies in the subtlety of its meaning. What seems to be a beautiful pastiche of color and textile sometimes gives way to darker themes, as in her remarkable Exploited Entertainment tribute to Sarah Baartman. Her work echoes that of Alma Thomas, and her use of color is masterful. When put together with the package of a person who is dependable, intelligent, and very articulate and expressive and you have Aliana Grace Bailey, an artist and a force to be reckoned with.
— Anna Whiteside, Scholarships and Fellowships Advisor of NC A&T University Honors Program
Aliana has created many beautiful fliers for me and her craft is unmeasured. Always colorfully precise, Aliana’s work is well received by audiences because it provides them with a satisfying visual experience, and a clear understanding of what type of event is taking place. From my very first house party to the launch of my art collective, Aliana has lended her artistic services, and for that I will be forever grateful.
— Meche Korrect, Artist, Singer & Songwriter
Aliana was one of the first designers that I reached out to when we first launched our business. We sought her out during the early days when our vision and brand was scrappy and we’ve continued to involve her as a designer and consultant since. She has been a dynamic contributor and awesome collaborator. Aliana has led and executed a variety of projects, including consulting on web & interface design, defining the company brand, and developing visual marketing materials
— Hameto Benkreira, Founder of Drop-In Gym